Don’t Let Home Renovation Reality TV Shows Ruin Your Dreams

Are you an avid watcher of reality home design and renovation TV shows? Do you feel motivated with design ideas...
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Why you should never choose the cheapest builder

When you are searching for a builder to build your dream home, what do you look for? Do you look...
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Hidden costs that may be missing from your builder’s quote

When reviewing formal building proposals/quotes from various builders, it is vital you ensure that everything that you would expect to...
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Do not be tempted by a lower square metre price

When choosing a builder, do not be tempted to compare the square metre rate. There is an imperative reason why...
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How to ensure a stress free building experience

When looking for a builder to build your dream home, it is just so important to research thoroughly before deciding...
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How to choose the right building company

Are you currently searching for the right building company to build your new home? Have you narrowed it down to...
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How to be sure that your home will get the attention it deserves

Are you wanting to build a new home but are worried about the building horror stories of being treated like...
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Do not fall for a low base price

Are you wondering why the price to build your new home is so much more than the advertised base price...
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5 reasons why a knock down and rebuild is for you

Do you love the street that you live on but are worried about how your home can meet your family’s...
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