Don’t be treated like a number

Don’t be treated like a number

Are you looking for a builder to provide you with a home of superior quality? What about a building experience that is smooth, enjoyable and stress-free? Don’t want to be treated like a number? Then you should be looking for a small, custom home building specialist.

Many small Builders lose track along the way of their beginnings and the reasons why they became builders. They are no longer small builders because they are relying on quantity over quality. They get caught up with all of the enquiries and winning jobs on price alone, rather than providing a quality service that all clients deserve and expect. The client essentially becomes just a number to the builder where turnover is more important than delivery.

This is not what small Custom Home Building Specialists are. At Highwater Homes we limit our jobs per year to a manageable amount so that we use the same core team of trades and suppliers across all of our builds. We hand pick our workers for their level of professionalism, attention to detail and the pride they take in their work.

We are able to maintain our consistency and quality by programming our jobs to a reasonable and efficient timeline. Our trades enjoy working on a well organised and safe work site which enables them to provide outstanding quality and efficiency across all jobs. This is why we employed them in the first place. As for the client, you enjoy the benefit of the builder’s time, expertise and knowledge as well as a quality service that will be the envy of your family and friends.


When builders have so much work on, they begin to rely on trades and suppliers that they are not familiar with. Their builds become more inconsistent and the quality drops. They essentially become a local Project Builder. The builder has a couple of options – either take on all of the work and spread his services and time too thin or put on more staff and trades to keep up with the mountain of work. Is this the type of builder you want to build your new home? Both options are not ideal for the builder and especially not ideal for you the client.

When you are willing to engage the services of a smaller Custom Home Builder, you are also expecting a much higher quality of service and a new home finished to a superior standard. This becomes much harder to achieve if the builder has too many homes under construction at once.

So, when looking for a builder a useful question to ask is “how many homes do you have under construction at any one time?” Their response will help you to make an informed decision as to whether they will be able to provide you with a home of exceptional quality and a building experience that you deserve.

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Elizabeth Searle

Elizabeth Searle

Elizabeth is the business manager and is involved in a wide variety of roles within the office. Elizabeth will often be the first point of call between you the client and Highwater Homes.

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