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How to be sure that your home will get the attention it deserves

Be sure your home will get attention

Are you wanting to build a new home but are worried about the building horror stories of being treated like another number and getting lost in the system.

You might be living in a home that does not meet your family’s needs and are trying to choose the right builder to build your new home.

You don’t want to feel like just another number within the mass production line of home building – plenty of builders, particularly volume builders can make you feel this way.

If you want to know that your home is going to get the attention it deserves and you will have the building experience that you only dream of, it is so important to ensure your builder offers you this important thing.

What is a construction slot?

A construction slot is an allocated time given to each and every job. A builder who works with construction slots is able to plan efficiently for each stage of the building process.

A custom home builder who limits the number of homes that they build is in much more control of the building process. Each home can be managed individually, if any issues arise, they can be dealt with immediately rarely creating any delays with the build.

When choosing a volume builder, do not expect to be in control – what you want is not necessarily what you will get.

As Steve Jobs said, “Quality is more important than quantity. One home run is better than two doubles”

By selecting a smaller builder who offers limited construction slots to clients and who has a clearly defined construction schedule, you can be sure that you will get to know your builder on a personal level and that your experience of building your new home will be awesome.

Imagine getting to know your builder personally!

Why are construction slots so important?

Construction slots ensure that each home being built is not at the same stage of the building process. This allows the builder to maintain their trusted tradespeople on each of their jobs without rushing their work and producing inferior quality.

Construction slots will ensure the builder is not rushing between jobs and the time and care is taken on your home.

With clearly defined and allocated construction slots, you will undoubtedly know when your home will begin and what is happening at each stage. You will be reassured knowing that trades will not be working on top of each other giving your home the care it requires.

Volume builders offer a production line of housing, churning out just a few designs for a large amount of buyers at one time.

Custom builders are smaller companies completing a handful of homes at any one time offering more flexibility and a personalised service. Ask the builder if they operate in construction slots to build their homes. If they don’t, consider another builder who does!

How much attention does your new home deserve?

Another important consideration is the role of the site supervisor.

With say 20 project homes to visit in a weekly period, how long do you really think they will spend on each home to ensure everything is going to plan?

Compare that to a site supervisor who has 4 or 5 custom homes to visit in a weekly period. They will have so much more time available to spend on each home and give them the individual attention they deserve.

Is this the type of builder you want to build your next home?

Everything you need to know is included in this free guide for consumers looking to engage a custom home builder so you can be sure of a personal building experience without the time delays!

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