Harrington Grove

Our Clients

Chris, Ciara and their children had outgrown their current home and needed more space. They had decided to build a larger, forever home to meet the changing needs of their blended family.

Chris and Ciara purchased a generous sized block of land in the estate of Harrington Grove in the local government area of Camden.

They had an idea of what they wanted their forever home to look like, a modern home inside and out, with plenty of separate living spaces to have time apart and space to come together as a family.

Chris and Ciara had built a home before, with a large project builder. The building experience was not enjoyable and they felt like just another number.

For their forever home, Chris and Ciara started working with another large volume builder, the initial experience was not positive. They experienced a lack of communication from the sales staff and trying to get their questions answered proved difficult. Chris and Ciara attempted to work with the company to agree on a house design that they liked. This meant making a lot of changes to one of the existing plans which proved challenging and costly to change.

Chris and Ciara soon realised that a custom designed home is what was needed, a home that they could design from scratch that is uniquely theirs. It was a priority for Chris and Ciara to work with a builder who was flexible and who was able to provide them with a pleasant and personal building experience, this is when, after doing their own research they reached out to Highwater Homes.

We worked with Chris and Ciara to come up with a house design that worked. Not only was it functional, but it had many beautiful features. Compared to the previous building experiences, they felt listened to and involved during the process.

As part of the contract we also included the installation of a fibreglass pool. This took the stress away from the clients without them having to worry how they might access the backyard to install a pool after the build.

The online project management system was excellent. For Chris and Ciara who run their own business, being able to make their selections online and keep track of the online schedule was a game changer.

The family all looked forward to their site meetings to see the progress of their home.

The Results

Chris, Ciara and their children are all now living in their beautiful home and they are loving it! It is perfect for them and they are thrilled that there are no other homes like theirs in the estate.

“Building our home was easy. The online portal mas great for asking questions and knowing what was happening each day. We loved the flexibility that Highwater Homes provided and felt very involved throughout the entire process.”

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