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Mike and Barbara resided in an aged home situated on their expansive estate at The Oaks. With the passage of time and a few additions to the house, it had become apparent that the dwelling required renovations. Eager to create a new residence that would gracefully accommodate them in their later years and facilitate hosting extended family and friends, they decided to embark on the journey of knocking down their old home and building their dream home.

Their aspiration was to construct an expansive residence that maximized the amazing views at the rear of the property. They sought to integrate large windows in each room, emphasizing the significance of lofty cathedral ceilings. Finding a builder who could collaborate with Mike and Barb, allowing them to supply and install some of their own materials, was crucial, given their background in the construction industry. Mike and Barb envisioned a home designed for seamless indoor-outdoor entertaining, with a particular focus on blending the exterior with the interior spaces. A distinct guest suite was also part of their plan, providing visitors with a private place to stay and offering the flexibility to serve as a downsized living space for Mike and Barb in the future if needed.

Mike and Barbara, recognizing the significance of flexibility throughout the building process, prioritized selecting a construction partner that would adapt to changes seamlessly. Their emphasis on flexibility stemmed from the dynamic nature of their vision, understanding that adjustments might be necessary as the project unfolded. This adaptability factor extended to accommodate any modifications that might arise during construction. Highwater Homes’ ability to navigate these changes efficiently became a cornerstone in the couple's decision-making process.

Furthermore, Mike and Barbara were unwavering in their commitment to a high-quality home, a priority deeply rooted in Mike's background as a custom joiner. His keen eye for craftsmanship and meticulous attention to detail made the selection of a builder with a proven track record in delivering superior quality paramount. The couple sought a builder who shared their commitment to excellence and understood the intricacies of Mike's standards.

Effective communication was another pivotal criterion guiding their selection process. Anticipating periods of travel during the construction phase, Mike and Barbara placed great importance on receiving regular progress. This communication strategy was deemed essential to ensure transparency, keep them informed about the project's status, and address any concerns promptly.

In light of the expansive nature of their property, the couple recognised the importance of finding a builder with expertise not only in the construction of the main dwelling but also specialised in coordinating areas such as septic system installations and external irrigation. These considerations reflected a holistic approach to their project, acknowledging the diverse requirements associated with their unique property.

Collaboration was key not only within the construction phase but also in the integration of landscaping elements. Mike and Barbara sought a builder capable of seamless collaboration with the landscaping team, emphasizing a harmonious synergy that would contribute to the overall success of the project. This collaborative spirit aimed to ensure that the external elements of the property complemented the architectural design, creating a cohesive and aesthetically pleasing final result.

After having their plans crafted by their chosen draftsperson, Mike and Barbara approached Highwater Homes to initiate the quoting process. Throughout the fixed-price tendering phase, we took charge of managing the development application approval process with Council on their behalf. Our team efficiently prepared all required documents, leading to the approval of the development application in less than four weeks. The process with the council went smoothly due to our thorough preparation, which included all necessary documents, eliminating the need for additional information.

During the construction, Mike and Barbara took short trips away, emphasising the importance of staying informed about the build's progress. Utilising our online portal, they accessed photos documenting the home's development and followed the online schedule, consolidating all communication in one easily accessible location. This streamlined process allowed them to share the progress with family and friends.

After the old home was demolished at the end of July, we initiated the construction of the new home two weeks later. The building process proceeded seamlessly, providing our clients with the chance to monitor the progress online and through the portal, especially during their time away. The entire construction was successfully completed within 15 months from the start, allowing Mike and Barb to celebrate their first Christmas in their newly-built home.

The Result

The construction process, guided by clear communication and flexibility, showcased the commitment of Highwater Homes to meeting the evolving needs of Mike and Barbara. Through an efficient development application approval process and a transparent online portal, the couple remained informed and engaged, even during their short trips away. Changes such as the incorporation of a timber deck and a switch in floor coverings were seamlessly accommodated, showcasing the adaptability of both the construction process and Highwater Homes.

The end result was a remarkable residence with a rural charm, offering captivating views of rolling hills, indoor and outdoor kitchen spaces for hosting gatherings, and a sense of joy and satisfaction for the homeowners. On the day of handover, as Highwater Homes handed them the keys, Mike and Barbara were thoroughly impressed, marking the beginning of a new chapter as they relish in the comfort and beauty of their stunning new home, a true testament to the success of their collaborative vision and the expertise of Toby and the Highwater Homes team.

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