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Do not be tempted by a lower square metre price

Do not be tempted by a lower square metre price

When choosing a builder, do not be tempted to compare the square metre rate. There is an imperative reason why this is a BIG mistake…

Have you ever bought something by the metre, some carpet or maybe a length of rope? When you were selecting from different ranges of carpets, did the per metre price vary? Well, I am sure it did.

Different types of carpet (or rope… or houses) vary in quality. One carpet may be made from wool and another synthetic. One may be handmade and the other mass machine produced. One carpet may contain stain resistant properties and the other not.

Well, just like this carpet, a home may have many different variances. The average home contains an abundance of different ‘ingredients’ including carpet, bricks, tiles, taps, paint, timber, glass etc. All of these materials come in many different qualities. The way in which these materials are assembled into a finished home varies in attention to detail and quality.

The differences are almost immeasurable. So, comparing one builder’s price of $1,000 per square metre to another’s price of $2,000 per square metre is just like comparing an orange and a lemon. The differences are many, not just the price!

So don’t be misled into trying to compare house prices via a square metre rate. The variables are far too great. And, you may find you end up with a lemon when you really wanted an orange.

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