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Jon, Latara and their beautiful Bernie (border collie) were living in an old, cold and dated home in a popular street in the middle of the historic town of Camden. The property was originally purchased with the intention to complete a knock-down and re-build when the time was right.

Jon and Latara had put a lot of thought and planning into the design of their new home and had worked with a draftperson to draw their plans.

Jon and Latara dreamed of bringing their design to life with little stress and hoped for a seamless building process.

Completing a build in an area that is well established and surrounded by close neighbours, it was important for the clients that the builder worked with integrity and was approachable. Jon and Latara wanted to supply a few of their own items during the build. It was important that they engaged a builder who was flexible and had systems and processes in place.

It was important to Jon and Latara to find a builder who they trusted and who provided absolute transparency when it came to knowing all of the specifications and what was included in their build. A builder who would bring their vision for their new home to life.

Jon and Latara reached out to a number of local builders to seek some quotes.

The quotes that were provided were unclear and did not include the detail that they had hoped for. This made Jon and Latara uncomfortable to proceed any further with these builders.

They had observed Highwater Homes around the local area of Camden and had heard great things, so they reached out with their plans for their new home.

Jon and Latara were impressed with the detail contained in the Highwater Homes extensive tender with everything documented. It was clear what was and was not included in their build. All specifications were listed in the online client portal with electronic links to view the inclusions online. Jon and Latara felt comfortable knowing what was included in their tender and moved forward to proceed with the build.

A house plan on paper can look amazing. It is not until you get a builder involved to look intensely at the plans that the practicality of bringing the plan to life can be considered. Jon and Toby spent many hours studying the plans together with Toby suggesting alternate building solutions and practical building suggestions that would work on site.

We were able to support our clients with the necessary planning that goes into a knock down and re-build, which involves acquiring the vital reports and test results to be submitted to the certifier for the construction approval prior to the build commencing.

The demolition of the home was an exciting event as it represented the first stage of the build. Seeing the old and original home removed was moving, yet exciting at the same time. Before too long the construction of the new home began.

It was vital that the contractor engaged to complete the demolition was an absolute professional, experienced in the removal of asbestos. Highwater Homes only works with reputable companies and works with the best trades and contractors. This gave Jon and Latara the confidence to proceed with the recommended demolition company.

The slab pour day was such an exciting day for Jon and Latara. Being present on site with Toby to watch the concrete being pumped is a memorable part of the building journey.

Regular drive-bys to observe the daily progress was a highlight for Jon and Latara. Viewing the online schedule through the online project management system was also an excellent way to watch the progress and stay informed of what was happening. Jon particularly liked the ease in which he could correspond with the entire Highwater Homes team through the online system. Regular site visits were an opportunity to look through the home at the various milestone stages. These visits were an opportunity to make changes if needed, flexibility was an important consideration.

The Result

On handover day you could not wipe the smile of their faces. Jon and Latara could not believe that their dream home was now complete.

Jon, Latara and Bernie have now returned to their beautiful new residence in the street in which they love.

“The home is just perfect! We can have our entire family visit now and entertain them all together. We can’t believe how our dream home that was on paper has turned out. We love it!”

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