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Dave and Jen lived locally within the Camden area with their two young children. They had decided that it was time for a change of scenery, time to build a larger home to meet the shifting needs of their family but still within the local area which they love.

Their dream was to build a new home that provided a resort-like feel. A home that suited the needs of their two young children now and for years to come as they move into their teenage years. It was important to have large open-plan living spaces for Dave and Jen to spend time with the kids and entertain friends, but also enough space for the children to have their own areas within the home too.

Dave and Jen visited the display homes of a number of large, volume builders to get an idea of a design that would work. After numerous visits they were disappointed that the designs they offered really did not meet their needs or appeal to their lifestyle.

A large block of land in the Dancerwood Estate of Harrington Park had already been purchased, however the block was an unusual shape and did not suit just any house design. The land was located in a Bushfire Attack Level (BAL) area which meant certain design elements and building materials were mandatory to ensure the home was compliant to the rules and regulations of building in a bushfire prone area.

Disappointed with the inflexibility of the larger project builders, Dave and Jen decided that a custom design and smaller-boutique custom builder who could guide them through the design process was just what they needed. So, Dave and Jen reached out to Highwater Homes to begin their custom design and build journey.

We worked closely with Dave and Jen to place their design ideas for their resort-like home onto paper. After numerous rounds of changes a house design that made the best use of the unusual shape of the land was achieved. Toby provided additional practical building suggestions to ensure their design met their needs and remained within their budget expectations. Dave and Jen were so appreciative that the design captured all of the design elements that were important to their family.

The Highwater Homes team submitted all plans and documents to Council for the Development Approval which took the whole headache away from Dave and Jen. Not long after the approval was received, the build commenced.

Dave and Jen loved the regular visits to site and watching the progress of the build through the online client portal. Making their selections online was simple through the portal which was great for Dave as he travels interstate regularly for work.

During the build process the Highwater team worked closely with a local pool builder engaged by the clients. The install of the in-ground pool was co-ordinated during the build which helped to take the stress out of the entire process for Dave and Jen and ensured that when their home was finished they also had a pool that was complete and ready to swim in.

The Results

“The process of building our home was easy and enjoyable. Our friends and family can’t believe we had no issues or drama. The Highwater team made our experience collaborative and enjoyable which ultimately enabled our dream home to come to life. Our beautiful new home is everything we imagined it would be like. We are still wowed driving into the driveway, it is an amazing home to be living in”.

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