Unveiling the True Size of Your Home: Why it Matters in Building Costs

Unveiling the True Size of Your Home

Have you ever sat down with a builder to discuss your exciting new house plans, only to be astonished when they reveal that your home’s measurements are actually larger than what you discussed with the architect or draftsperson and what has been documented on the plans?

When envisioning your dream home, every square metre counts. From planning the layout to estimating costs, understanding the true size of your home is paramount. However, the concept of size can be misleading, especially in the realm of design and construction.

Unveiling the True Size of Your Home: Why it Matters in Building Costs

Architects and designers usually calculate a home’s gross floor area using measurements taken from the inside face of the external walls. This internal size is essential for various purposes, such as determining floor space ratios and obtaining council development approval. The gross floor area excludes external walls, porches, alfrescos, stair voids, and balconies. However, relying solely on these internal measurements for estimating building costs can result in significant discrepancies. To obtain a more accurate representation of the space of the home and to factor in all relevant building costs, builders need to calculate the external size of the home, including these additional features.

Let’s break it down with an example: Suppose you’re planning your dream home, and your draftsperson calculates the internal size to be 264 square metres for council development approval. However, when the builder steps in to provide a construction quote, they include the external dimensions as well. Their calculations reveal the actual size of the home to be 340 square metres. That’s a significant difference! If you’ve been given an estimate based on 264 square meters instead of the true size of 340 square meters, you will be shocked by the actual cost to build.

Understanding the real size of your home is crucial for several reasons:

Accurate Cost Estimation: Knowing the true size of your home enables builders to provide more accurate cost estimates for construction. By considering all external features, builders can factor in additional materials, labour, and other expenses, giving you a more precise understanding of the total cost involved.

Avoiding Budget Overruns

Avoiding Budget Overruns: Without a clear understanding of the true size of your home, you risk encountering budget overruns during the construction process. By accounting for all aspects of the structure upfront, you can better manage your budget and avoid unexpected expenses down the line.

Optimizing Space: External features such as balconies and garages contribute to the overall functionality and aesthetics of your home. Understanding the external dimensions allows you to optimize these spaces according to your needs and preferences, ensuring that every square meter serves a purpose.

Compliance and Approval: While internal measurements are essential for obtaining council development approval, builders must ensure compliance with regulations and building codes, which often require consideration of external dimensions. Knowing the true size of your home helps streamline the approval process and ensures that your project meets all necessary requirements.

Unveiling the True Size of Your Home: Why it Matters in Building Costs

The peril of uneducated builders relying solely on the gross floor area to calculate costs for building a home cannot be overstated. In this scenario, inaccuracies arise as they overlook crucial external measurements, leading to underquoted build prices and disappointed consumers. While initially enticing, these lower estimates conceal the true expenses involved in construction, potentially resulting in unexpected costs surfacing throughout the build process.

Conversely, a professional builder armed with accurate measurements may appear more expensive at first glance. However, their precise pricing reflects a comprehensive understanding of the project’s scope, thereby mitigating the risk of hidden expenses and ensuring a smoother, more transparent building experience.

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