The number 1 tip to get your finance approved

Are you having trouble getting the finance to build your dream home? Having difficulty getting finance approved or finding a...
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Thinking of owner building – think again

Are you considering taking the owner-builder path to build your new home in order to save money? You’ve got a...
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Planning your new home for after COVID-19

Have you been considering building your very own home but the current health crisis and climate has made you think...
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Do you want $25,000 to build your new home?

If you would like $25,000 FREE money towards your next building project, your wish might just come true. You may...
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The ups and downs of stairs

The staircase of the home not only serves the purpose of getting you from downstairs to upstairs, it can make...
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What is a preliminary building agreement and do you really need one?

Are you thinking of building your forever home and hoping for a fixed priced contract with no hidden costs? Maybe...
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Looking through a home under construction will reveal more than you think

Are you currently looking for a builder with whom you feel comfortable and whom you can trust? What better way to discover...
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Head off the headache: Engage a builder, not an architect

So, you want to build your dream home, but don’t want to engage with a builder because you don’t have...
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What is BASIX & do I need one?

When you begin the building approval process you will come across a lot of building jargon in relation to certificates,...
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